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101 W. Benson Blvd. Suite 103A, Anchorage, AK   
Phone: (907) 401-3414
Fax: (907) 222-0568
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Important Dates!

May 15th
Last day to submit reimbursements
Last day to submit Progress Reports

Open Enrollment

New families/students can still enroll in Totem Correspondence for the remainder of this school year.

We have many things to offer. Specifically, we are offering enrollment in any online Acellus courses for free through the end of June! (This is very important for High School students because you won't have to be worried about possibly losing any credits.)

Our staff is also available through phone and email 9-5, M-F, and usually even weekends and evening. Our staff is public school certified and homeschool experienced.

This is a new educational reality everyone has to experience right now. We can point you towards a variety of resources, and sometimes there are so many resources available, it is overwhelming and difficult to choose. If you don’t know what choices you have, or if you don’t know what to choose, we are here to help, narrow them down, and try them out until you find one that fits you, your family, and your student.

Now is the perfect time to start learning about and doing homeschooling so you can be ready to go for the next school year! Oh- and next year allotment starts July 1st!!



Through other credit recovery programs, I had to start over every year for four years with no success.  With Totem Correspondence I graduated in one year and gained valuable life skills.


My kids can still  dance with their friends while I'm homeschooling them through Totem Correspondence

Darcee's Mom

At Totem Correspondence, we learn by doing and I've learned a lot!


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