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We have created a Private Facebook Group for only enrolled Totem families. We would like all families enrolled with Totem Correspondence to join this Group. It is where we will be posting more specific TC related events, meet-ups, etc. Hopes are that families could share photos, questions, support, etc. The possibilities for this Group are endless. So if you are a registered Totem family, please use the link below to access the Group.

Totem Families Facebook Group

STAR Assessments

Accounts can be set up for your student to take the Math and Reading assessments within STAR Renaissance. This assessment is beneficial for placement and growth/progress as well.  If you want, you can have your student take these assessments multiple times.

I have found it beneficial in numerous manners:

  • Beginning and end of year
  • Beginning, mid, and end of year,
  • Beginning of yes, and end of each quarter

Whichever way you see working for you and your student is fine. Note: these assessments are filed for you, but would not be a part of the records release if transferred to another school, and they stay within District.

Email us to set-up an account for your student and remember to always email us when your student has completed an assessment so we can generate a report and email it to you.


You can work within Acellus at your own pace. Acellus does set weekly goals for students based on the course and the end of year date. This should adjust automatically. The goal in Acellus is always to complete a class within a year. But, as the parent, how you use Acellus is your choice.

You also have a choice on how your student is graded within Acellus. Acellus is automatically set to the following categories and weights:

  • Attendance 0%
  • Lesson Problems 70%
  • Unit Exams 10%
  • Mid-term Exam 10%
  • Final Exam 10%
  • Special Lessons 0%

These categories and weights can be changed as you wish, and it can even be different for each class if you want. Just give us a call or email and we can have that discussion to assign those changes.

Here is more information about what your student sees on their dashboard.

  • Progress tab. This is very important. It is where their goals for the week are set. These goals are based on the end date set- IF you plan on finishing the course, and it is automatically set to within the regular school year. If you want me to make the end date shorter (to finish sooner), we can. Give me a call and we can have that conversation.
  • Attendance tab. This simply shows what days students logged into Acellus. If you want to see how much time they spent each day, give me a call and I can show you that data from my end.
  • Score tab. Obviously has all their scores.
  • Special Lessons tab. This is a really neat area. Each course in Acellus offers Special Lessons that can really enhance your students learning into Application areas. Students are assigned these automatically when appropriate within the course However, a student can move on without doing them. I advise that you at least look at these lessons as the parent to decide if you want your student to do them or not. Again, more Application of learning is always better learning.  Some of these do take a bit more planning.
  • Library tab. This is a great resource! In many Acellus classes, there are references or short passages for students to read. This Library is where you can access the entire work- in some cases even an entire book! You can also rewatch videos that went with lessons. There are search parameters to help you define your results. This really is a great resource to look into.

We can always change courses as you need to: add or drop, at no extra charge.

If at any time you want to see more details about your student’s work within Acellus, then we can set up a video conference so we can screen share and more easily show you that data.

Moby Max

Remember, you can have a trial period within Moby Max. We need to set up the account for you.

When you are for certain that you would like to continue with Moby Max Learning (any content areas) for the school year, then please email and confirm for us to assign a specific license to your student- at the one time $25 fee.

At first, placements can seem low (especially in Math), but once you can see and understand the system, it makes sense. We would love to have a video conference (Zoom) to show you via screen share the information that we have access too. It really is great stuff! It will be very beneficial to see the hard work paying off with percentage and level increases.

Also, I would love to help you determine your student work plan needs based on what you see within Moby. A meeting can be especially valuable in the beginning to understand your student’s placement. Each area within Moby operates differently.

Mifi Device

The mifi device acts like a cell phone for internet. It is not like a cable, or modem, or router, etc. Therefore, the speed, quality, or service will act at a lesser level than a specific cable or modem or router.

Remember, this is offered as an educational resource and there are some restrictions to make it CIPA compliant. It is offered at an unlimited usage. It is offered at a reduced price. We are aware that it is at times used as the only home internet, and we allow, and do not restrict, video streaming, gaming, etc. However, again, it is a mifi device that is essentially a cell phone internet usage. So, multiple devices operating off of it at high speed or usage is not going to produce good internet.

Some usage tips:

  • Pull the battery out, plug it into the wall of your home. Operate it in this way.

  • When away from home, unplug it, put the battery in, and bring it with you.

  • If you are continually experiencing issues: turn the device off, pull out the SIM card (or battery if it is in), restart.

  • There are antennas available for this device. A google search would get you started. Each situation and needs are different. These are Reimbursable through your Allotment.