Vendors/Direct Pay

We love working with vendors for our Totem families!


If you will accept a Purchase Order from our School District, email and send us your W9 and Business License. We will send you a one-page Vendor Form. These documents set up your account with us so that we can pay you.

This means you will release items or services to the student when you receive a PO # from us and you will invoice the District at your convenience.

Note: Families need to fill out the VDPR form (Vendor Direct Payment Request form). You may have them fill this out and submit it for them. Amounts should match as closely as possible. We will not provide a PO# or pay an invoice for services without this VDPR form from the family.


Families, You Must fill out a VDPR form (Vendor Direct Payment Request form) if you want us to direct pay a Vendor. (They have to do the above.)

The information for each column is needed. We use it to give Educational Approval- aligned to your student's ILP, allotment monies available. Amounts should match as closely as possible. It is also you giving us your permission to deduct the allotment monies from your students account. Without this form from you, we will not pay the Vendor. This is especially true for services.

If the vendor will be billing us quarterly for services, it either all needs to be on one VDPR form, or. you will need to submit separate VDPR forms.

The only time this is not needed currently is if you purchase items from Learning Essentials or Just Imagine Toys. This is because their Order, which you sign, serves as your VDPR form permission.

Click here for the Vendor Direct Payment Form!