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Hydaburg City School District is situated at the heart of a First Nations Haida Community. Our village rests its feet in a protected bay of the Pacific Ocean, embraced by a vast and towering wilderness of cedar forests, rivers, alder groves, wild berries, seafood and wildlife.

Formerly a boat-only access, only in recent decades has the town been accessible by road. Managed and run by Haida and advised by their elders, the city and its schools work to connect their culture, land, and language. As an education team, our schools align the curriculum with First Nation values while retaining the better parts of the present day nation.

Every summer an offering of Haida culture is made by our village. You are invited to experience Hydaburg for yourself anytime, but especially during the Haida Cultural Week in July.

The Mission of the Hydaburg City School District is to provide the opportunity and the tools for every student to reach their individual goals through a quality education and within a safe learning environment.

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